What is a blockchain wallet?


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A blockchain wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that lets users manage several cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. A blockchain wallet makes it simple to swap money. Because transactions are cryptographically signed, they are safe.


The wallet may be accessed from any online device, including mobile devices, and the user's privacy and identity are protected. As a result, a blockchain wallet includes all of the characteristics required for safe and secure fund transfers and swaps between participants.

It's pretty similar to sending or receiving money through PayPal or any other payment method, only you're using cryptocurrency instead. Electrum, Blockchain.info, Jaxx, Mycelium, Samurai, and the Bitcoin paper wallet are all examples of blockchain wallets. There are many more options depending on your demands and the level of security you desire.

What is a private key in a blockchain wallet?

The private key is top secret. It’s similar to your password; it should not get hacked and you should not disclose it to anyone. You use this private key to spend your funds. When you send from a Blockchain wallet, the programme signs the transaction with your private key (without actually revealing it), indicating to the entire network that you have the permission to transfer funds from the address you're sending from. If someone gets access to your private key, there is a high possibility that your account is compromised, and you might end up losing all the cryptocurrency deposits in your account.

What is a public key in a blockchain wallet?

When you create a blockchain wallet, you are given a private key and a public key that you may use to access your wallet. As an example, consider email. You give someone your email address if you want to get an email from them.

However, simply disclosing your email address does not imply that others would be allowed to send emails from your account. To do so, someone would need to know your email account's password. Blockchain wallets operate in a similar manner, employing both a public and a private key. A public key is comparable to an email address in that it can be given to anybody. When you create your wallet, a public key is generated, which you can share with anyone in order to receive funds.

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